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Hello friends welcome back to i5editz, this is Vamshi in this Blog I am going to create Instagram trending video editing tutorial, I am already create many Instagram trending videos you can check my official YouTube channel “i5editz”please subscribe to my channel let’s get start

Histogram training videos almost create on cap application but in this video tutorial I am choose alight motion editing software AlightMotion is a very user friendly application and also first prkpo motion application for editing

If you want to see you preview video you can watch on my Instagram profile i5 edits I am update all video preview daily in Instagram so must be follow  my insta profile I5editz


Video editing process:-

I am already upload video tutorial in my official YouTube channel i5editz please watch video tutorial first 


If you watch in Instagram reels are YouTube shots system suggest many videos to trending because of the song so if you create any video you must be select best song to create video in this video editing tutorial I am choose trending song if you want to create same video in Same song download song beat project file 

Song beat preset:

(Note:-this song beat file open only alight motion

If you not opening video file download latest version motion application from Google Play Store

           Google Play Store download link


After download song beat project file you can redirect alight motion now select your photos from your phone gallery between redline Beat mark if you want face any problem please watch video tutorial or contact on Instagram


completing abe process download another video file it contains shake effects personally believe effects create is a very difficult so so this video Sheke effects I am providing you one project file download it use your video editing

Ok downloading shake effect open it copy photo effect and come to back your current video editing file paste effect to your current video file before applying effects was video tutorial carefully for better editing,If you not opening video file download latest version motion application from Google Play Store

Shake effect project file:-

Download Now


In this video editing tutorial I am suggesting you a beautiful template to create wonderful video download template and use your current video file 

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    Nuvu eppudu pettey danitloney pettachuga song beat avii malla lo pettavu ga danitlo asallu song download aa avatla bro shake effects iytey download iyaii


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