Alight motion attitude level birthday video editing

 Alight motion attitude level birthday video editing.

Hello friends welcome back to i5editz in this article I will tell you how to create a attitude level birthday video editing in alight motion this type videos now trending in YouTube.Shorts and Instagram and specially WhatsApp status. If you would like to create same type of video follow below steps to create easily. 


this type of videos you can easily create in alight motion applications and very simply to use.

Alight motion one of the best editing app simpl to use. If you don’t have application download from Google Play Store.And in my all YouTube videos description please check it.


In this video editing you need  material.

1 song beat present

2 shake effect present

3 template

This material download links given below.


In this present file I am created song beats, because song beat create very difficult, once you download it open song beat present file in alight motion

Note: you can  appeared some red lines in your screen

Select photos between red line beat marks like below photos type.

Photo selection in song beate

Download Now


Shake effect preset once you complete select photos we had some effect to photos basically effect create is very difficult process but here I am already create shake effect. Present file for you

Download it and copy photos effects and post you current video file

Note: shake effect preset geven number of effects so before apply effects mast  be watch video tutorial


This video editing becomes very professional output quality we need better output template. Template download link given below download this template and use it

NOW You can save your video file 1080P or 720P beta video quality.

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