How to create video in alight motion

  How to create  video in alight motion

Open  alight motion app if you not 

install it  download link is below 

Alight motion: download 

How to create a video in alight motion:

  Open a light motion app click on place

 icon+ choose the file ratio and make it

 your the frame rate is set to 30 frames for per second tap to create new project

  Video editing screen is divided by

 two ports one is video part secondary

 bottom part

Bottom part have tools and settings

If you add background photo tab plus 

icon choose the file from your phone

And also add some photos in same way

If you to add also music and video &

 effects in this way

The project in the middle is the play head view preview

And you can also add some additional 

layers If need

If Layers you can also customise

After this process what’s the preview and save it

Project effects download links

Song beat marketed by i5 edits
Project size:
Song beat :download 
Shake effect by i5 edits
Project size:
Shake effect :download 

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