pila ra song beat sync video editing

 pila ra song songs beat sync& shake effect video editing

Hi friends welcome to i5 edits. In this article I will show you how to create a beautiful video editing tutorial on pilla ra song. This song now training beat in Telugu music and also most of lovers like this song and also many people ask me to create pila ra song video editing in YouTube

Watch video tutorial first

Follow the below steps to create this type of video editing

Step 1

This type of video editing can easily create in alight motion app. So  if you don’t have alight motion please install alight motion apk. Alight motion one of the best editing software download link given below and also download from Google Play Store

Step 2

Download pilla ra mp3song. Open your light motion create a new project and select song create beat marks.


I am already create preset pilla ra song beat now you can download open preset in alight motion

           Song beat marketed by i5 edits

                      Project size:775 kb


Step 3

Select your photos between pilla ra song beat file redlines . And adjust photos your photos full screen 

Step 4

Now we add some beautiful effects to photos . Here I am provided beautiful effect preset file download link given below download effect project file copy photo effects and paste it

            Shake effect video file by i5editz

                       Project size: 585kb


Step 5

After completed abow process now  add a template for beautiful look template download link given below


Now save your video 1080p it is not supported your mobile try  720 resolution 

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