Instagram Trending black & white video editing

 Instagram Trending editing tutorial

Open your AlightMotion select Create option write 1080 and 2340 ratio.

And next download my Discription links like Song Beat Marked project and Shake Effects. Select your Editing pics and crop Photos in full screen ratio. After selected Photos next one open your downloaded Shake Effect in discription.

Select Shake Effect photo and tap effects options and copy all Shake Effects. Next copy Effects paste the Your Editing video of photos. This effects apply all your selected Photos. After completed applying effects next save the video in Your gallery. First you press the share option and select the download resolutions like 1080 or 720 etc… And last one press the export button

After completing 100% Your Editing video is downloaded

Project effects download links

Song beat marketed by i5 edits
Project size:773 kb
Song beat :download 
Shake effect by i5 edits
Project size: 1.90mb
Shake effect :download 

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