How to solve alight motion shake effect download failed

 How to solve alight motion shake effect download failed

 Alight motion one of the best video editing software in 2021 if you are  using this alight motion
 You will editing some WhatsApp status videos  you need some templates ,song beat &shake effect 
You are downloading this type of shake effects and song beat you face the problem download verification failed
(Shake effect can’t open AlightMotion (or)
File can’t play in alight motion)
If you are facing this type of problem follow the below steps to solve it

  1. First you will uninstall your alight motion app
  2. Install the latest version alight motion app in Play Store

         Download alight motion apk link

                  Click here to download

     If you want premium alight motion app follow the YouTube channel I5editz

Project effects download links

Song beat marketed by i5 edits
Project size:2 MB
Song beat :download 

Shake effect by i5 edits
Project size: 545kb
Shake effect :download 

Green heart lock screen : download

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