Curve shake effect video editing in alight motion

Curve shake effect video editing in alight motion 

Have you ever created a curve shake effect video? Hello friends I am i5edits in this blog I am going to show how to create curve shake effect video editing. Why we are creating curve shake effect video .now this type of curve shake effect video trending on Instagram and WhatsApp status. So if you would like to create this type video editing just follow the below steps to create so friends don’t waste your time let’s get start.


This curve shake effect video editing you need application alight motion. this is perfect application to create this types of shake effect video editing. If you don’t have this application download from Google Play Store and also I will provided the latest version of alight motion application for video import and export features.

Alight motion application link


After you download the application open and create a blank project add song by using audio add option or create beat mark for your song creating beat mark it difficult so I will provide you song beat mark for download link is below file.

download the song beat

              Song beat marketed by i5 edits

              Project size:2.1 mb

               Song beat :download

(Note✍️: project file only import on 3.4.3 version of alight motion.)


Now download song beat file open your open motion aap select your beat mark file. Now you can select your photos between the beat marks.


after adding your all photos now add effect for photos it is a very e difficult to create effect but here I create for you now you can simply copy the effect and paste it.

download shake effect video file

            Shake effect by i5 edits

            Project size: 554kb

            Shake effect :download 

(Note✍️: photo effect present link only import version 3.4.3 only)

Step 5

After completing effects  now add a template
For butter out put template download link given below


In this video editing you need 2pngs
1.yelow PNG
2.crush PNG
Download link given below
Yellow PNG download

Crush png download
Watch video flow it

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