Attitude video editing tutorial

 Attitude video editing tutorial

Hi everyone. I hope you all are very happy welcome to i5editz, in this article I am create attitude video editing for boys. This type of attitude videos nowadays popular on Instagram WhatsApp YouTube shorts you can easily create this type of video editing follow the below steps to create easily

Video tutorial

Step 1

This type of videos you can easily create in alight motion app you don’t have alight motion app please install alight motion app from Google Play Store and also so I will provided App link in my my YouTube channel description

Step 2

Once download alight motion open it and create a Blank project add MP3 song using your media files and create your own beat marks (or) I  am already provided song beat mark preset file download it you can easily editing

             Song beat marketed by i5editz

                    project size:575 kb


Step 3

Once beat mark download completed open your AlightMotion select beat mark filed h your photos from your phone gallery 

Step 4

Photo selection completed now adjust your photos fore screen ratio and also check photo should be  between redline beat marks


Download shake effect video file download link given below

              Shake effect video file by i5editz

                         Project size: 585kb



Open your alghtmotion open shake effect file copy photo effects and come back


Open your current video file Past effect your current photos one by one

Step 8

Once completed added effects download this template download link given below


Step 9 

Add template to video And adjust template has per screen ratio


Save your video 1080 p resolution or 720 p resolution for better quality video footage

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