Attitude video editing tutorial in AlightMotion


Wave effect and RCB effect swig effect video editing tutorial in alight motion

Hello friends welcome back to i5editz

I hope all are very happy , This article I am going to teach how to create wave effect and rcb effect and steam effect video editing in one video 

This video is very profession output if you have interest to create same type of video follow the below steps let get start

Editing application

This video editing tutorial I’m going to use alight motion application because this three effects wave effect and RCB effect and steam effect you can easily create in alight motion,If you don’t have this app please install from Google Play Store


 and also check my YouTube channel description

Watch video tutorial

If you want create same video you need MP3 song. So I will provide song with mark file in two ways

         preset song beat mark file

Download Now

Once you download beat mark file. Open file in alight motion.


select your photos from your phone and adjust photo as fore screen ratio and photos length between red line with mark.

Now select photos from your phone gallery and adjust photos as per screen ratio and also set photos between redline beat marks add all photos in same way

Now download shake effect preset file open it in alight motion copy photo effects and paste your current video file photos one by one carefully before applying effects watch video tutorial first per simple understan 

Shake effect project file


Better video output quality we can use a template template download link given below download this is template apply to current video


Red colour PNG

In this video we use one red colour PNG for bottom of the video section after adding this PNG video output become a very professional so so if you are having red colour PNG watch video tutorial first
Complete above process save your video 1080 p or 720 p

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